The Window Station of San Francisco Campaign

Hey All,

We wanted to do a quick update on things. We’ve been working feverishly over here at PAGWD on so many projects. One of those projects is the Window Station of SF. Yes that is San Francisco. The guys have recently overcome a hard setback from the loss of their CEO Alex, but they are still working hard moving forward. They feel that is the best way to honor him and support their loved ones.

Look at the new copywriting done by our own Jeff Gibbons. It’s not a common thing for a website’s message to be clear to it’s customers and viewers. This is largely a product of the copy being concise and well written. Most sites just ramble on and on and don’t say a thing.

The crew is happy because their visibility has greatly increased online due to the campaign we’re working on. Rankings and press are much stronger, so people are calling and emailing about windows and doors for their home and businesses. The online componenent of their marketing had really dropped off, so they noticed a big drop in calls. Thankfully the window installation and replacement work is flowing again.

Being in business can be a strange thing. I was reading a quote on Forbes today, and it said the following: Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. A rather profound saying. It makes you think and is just a good reminder about what’s important and how blessed we really are when we pursue the right things in life. And truthfully even when we don’t because of the grace that covers us.

Congratulations to the Window Station and So long for now.