Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all around us and used in many ways.  It is what drives marketing and advertising, attracts us to brands and makes public settings enjoyable or drives us away if so desired. You will find Graphic Design in your car, the overall design of the car and its user interface. In the everyday items we use, you will see graphic design. It is obvious when shown in this light why graphic design is so important.  Times change and the Graphic Design changes along with those times. What was once in fashion is no longer, although it probably will be again.

You may see in history a repetition of graphic design elements. Take for example the paisley design soIllustration by Brian Hunter often used in today’s retro hippy wear.

During the French revolution, Napoleon brought the ancient paisley pattern from India into French fashion. This was again repeated throughout history and as recent as the 1960’s and again in today’s marketplace.

In our new century, again, a new design style that is minimalistic and bold. It is seen in the print ad campaigns, outdoor media and website design. In website design it is coined web 2.0 but it is much more than that. This new design style can be seen in all aspects of advertising today.

Adopting various styles into a design can be creative and make the design unique, but by making sure it appeals to the masses is what garners success.